Genshin Impact: Strategies for Efficient Resource Management

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • Jan 08, 2024
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Genshin Impact: Strategies for Efficient Resource Management

Genshin Impact, developed by miHoYo, is an expansive, action role-playing game that has captivated players worldwide with its enthralling world and complex mechanics. As players embark on adventures throughout Teyvat, they encounter a common challenge: managing a plethora of resources efficiently in order to progress smoothly and strengthen their characters and equipment. This article delves into comprehensive strategies for effective resource management, ensuring that you can maximize your gameplay experience and achieve your Genshin Impact goals.

Understanding Genshin Impact's Resources

Before diving into management strategies, it's crucial to grasp the various types of resources available in Genshin Impact. These resources can broadly be categorized into several groups:

  • Character Experience: Used to level up your characters.
  • Weapon Experience: Necessary for leveling up weapons.
  • Mora: The game's main currency for various transactions and enhancements.
  • Ascension Materials: Required for ascending characters and weapons, thus unlocking higher levels and stats.
  • Talent Materials: Used to level up character talents for improved abilities.
  • Adventure Items: Include various items like artifacts and consumables that assist in exploring Teyvat.

Effective Planning: Your Starting Point

Genshin Impact

Efficient resource management in Genshin Impact begins with effective planning. Identify your main characters and prioritize resources towards them first. Spreading resources too thin across many characters can slow down your progress significantly. Focus on a core team of four to six characters for primary investment.

Optimizing Resource Acquisition

Acquiring resources is a continuous process in Genshin Impact. Here are some strategies to maximize your resource acquisition:

Daily Commissions and Expeditions

Completing daily commissions grants significant rewards, including Mora, character experience materials, and primogems. Setting characters on expeditions can yield resources like ores or cooking ingredients without consuming your game time.

Domains and World Bosses

Farm domains and world bosses systematically for ascension and talent materials. Prioritize domains that offer materials needed for your main characters and rotate farming locations as your characters' needs evolve.

Artifact Farming and Management

Artifacts significantly impact your characters' performances. However, farming can be resource-intensive. Focus on farming artifacts once your characters reach higher levels for a better return on investment. Regularly assess your inventory and assign artifacts based on characters' roles and needs.

Balancing Currency and Economy

Mora and Primogems are crucial currencies in Genshin Impact. Efficiently managing these currencies is vital for sustained progress:

Mora Management

Avoid excessive spending on character leveling and weapons not crucial to your core team. Participate in events and missions that offer Mora to maintain a healthy balance.

Primogems and Wish Management

Primogems are primarily used for wishes to acquire new characters and weapons. Save Primogems for banners featuring characters that fit your team composition or playstyle. Avoid impulsive wishes to ensure you have enough Primogems for essential acquisitions.

Utilizing Events and Special Promotions

Genshin Impact frequently hosts events offering generous rewards, including rare materials, Mora, and Primogems. Engage in these events to boost your resources significantly. Additionally, keep an eye on special promotions and redemption codes released by miHoYo for extra rewards.

Cooperative Play: A Resourceful Approach

Playing cooperatively can streamline resource farming, especially for challenging domains and bosses. Teaming up allows you to tackle high-level content efficiently, resulting in better loot and shared resources amongst team members.

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Making the Most of Your Resin

Resin is a limited resource used to claim rewards from bosses, domains, and ley line outcrops. Managing your Resin efficiently is pivotal:

Plan Your Resin Usage

Plan your Resin expenditure based on your current needs, be it character ascension materials, talent materials, or artifacts. Use condensed resin for double rewards in domains to maximize efficiency.

Resin Refreshes: To Use or Not to Use?

While it may be tempting, refraining from using Primogems for Resin refreshes is typically advised. They are better invested in wishes for characters and weapons that can significantly impact your gameplay.

Inventory Management

Maintaining a well-organized inventory is essential. Regularly review and tidy up your inventory to ensure you're not holding onto unnecessary items that could be converted into more useful resources.

Advanced Planning: Characters and Elements

When planning your team, consider the elemental reactions and combinations that can maximize your damage output and survival in battles. Building a team with complementary elements can play a crucial role in overcoming difficult content, including Spiral Abyss. This strategic depth ensures that your investment in specific characters and their resources yields the highest possible returns.

Strategic Exploration and Chest Hunting

Teyvat is filled with hidden treasures and resources that can be found through exploration. Chests scattered across the world contain valuable items like Primogems, Mora, and adventure experience. Making a habit of exploring and unlocking chests can provide a steady influx of resources. Use interactive maps available online to locate unclaimed chests in various regions.

Maximizing Rewards from the Spiral Abyss

The Spiral Abyss presents a unique challenge and opportunity for resource management. As a recurring event that resets its rewards, focusing on advancing through the Spiral Abyss can significantly enhance your resources, including Primogems, Mora, and Hero's Wit. Tailor your team to tackle the specific challenges of each floor for optimal performance.

Managing and Upgrading Artifacts Wisely

Artifacts represent a critical aspect of character power in Genshin Impact. Efficiently managing and upgrading artifacts can have a substantial impact on your gameplay. Focus on artifacts with desired main stats and sub-stats that align with your characters’ strengths. Enhancing artifacts with unwanted stats can consume significant resources without providing beneficial returns.

Artifact Enhancement Tips:

  • Use lower-star artifacts as enhancement fodder to boost higher-star artifacts.
  • Target artifact sets that complement your character’s role and abilities.
  • Be patient when farming for perfect sub-stats, as RNG plays a significant role in artifact drops.

Genshin Impact

Leveraging the Crafting System

The crafting system in Genshin Impact allows you to convert common materials into more valuable items or resources. Regularly visit the crafting table to craft essential ascension and talent materials, as well as potent potions and food that can aid in combat. Efficient use of the crafting system can save time and resources by providing direct access to necessary upgrade materials.

Engaging with the Community

Genshin Impact's community is a treasure trove of information, tips, and strategies. Engaging with the community through forums, social media, and guides can provide insights into efficient resource management, upcoming events, and hidden game mechanics. Learning from experienced players can accelerate your understanding and mastery of Genshin Impact's complex systems.


Mastering resource management in Genshin Impact requires a multifaceted approach, combining careful planning, strategic gameplay, and engagement with the game’s broader community. By leveraging these strategies, you can ensure that your adventure in Teyvat is both enjoyable and rewarding. Remember, patience and persistence are key. As you become more adept at managing your resources, you'll unlock the full potential of your characters and enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming the game's most challenging obstacles.

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